The Ability Programme for adults with learning disabilities

Imagine a place where a person’s abilities not disabilities determine what they can do with their life

We want to offer you a service that is interesting, where you can pick the stuff you want to do when you want to do it.

What will it look like?  Most of it will change with the season.  You might be searching for wild food in Kersal Dale to bring back to the kitchen and cook in to something nice for lunch!

You might be singing around a campfire cooking a sausage on a stick! You might even be learning how to prune a tree.

Our programme will include all of the below and more:

  • Grow Food – pick your seeds, sow, grow, water, weed, feed and harvest!
  • Get Lifeskills – cook up what you’ve grown, bake bread; get the shopping in, serve people or just wash up!
  • Sunny Day Funky Stuff – make a campfire, cook some food, sing songs and story telling
  • Grow Flowers – design your basket/container, pick your seeds, sow, grow, water, weed, feed and show off!
  • Get Fit – work on your tummy muscles, walk in to Kersal Dale or just have a brilliant dance.
  • Rainy Day Funky Stuff – pottery, art, music, whittling – we’ll have regular events to show off your work!
  • Look after the garden centre – sweep, weed, paint, water, sort the compost heaps out.
  • Look after trees – learn how to prune, bash Himalayan Balsam or make a bat box!

Runs every Monday, £40 per person including a healthy lunch and drinks.

The Ability Programme flyer for download

To find out more contact Kate or Simone on Tel: 0161 212 4980 or email