It’s harvest time down at Garden Needs and we’ve got all sorts of lovely vegetables this year!

Around a lovely community garden in between the flowers and the scarecrow we have runner beans, sweetcorn, tomatoes, beetroot, courgettes, squash, marrows, cabbage and much, much more.

These are a result of the hard work of all the Garden Needs volunteers , who helped to plant, grow, water and nurture all of these beautiful vegetables.veg1

Now we all get to taste the fruits of their labour. Together we will harvest the vegetables, clean and cook them. We’ve got so many there will be more than we can eat, so we will be making pickles and chutneys to see us through the winter.

We had lots of tomatoes this year but sadly due to our poor summer we’ve struggled to get them to ripen. Nothing will go to waste though, even the green tomatoes. We will be turning these into lovely green tomato chutney. Delicious with a hunk of bread and a generous slice of cheese. Tastes of summer that we will take with us into Autumn and Winter.

This is all part of our volunteer programme down at Garden Needs where every Tuesday and Thursday local people are invited to drop in between 10am and 4pm and get involved. Volunteers help us run our garden and get the chance to learn new skills and build confidence. The garden is a lovely setting at the edge of Salford, it a relaxing setting where everyone is welcome. We all work on projects together and then cook and eat together when we come together for our lunchbreak.veg2

If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering at Garden Needs get in touch, we welcome everyone of all abilities and backgrounds.

Email us at