Our Partnership

Inner City Salford evokes images of council estates, litter filled roads and gangs of lads prowling around on street corners.

While elements of this ring true for both resident and visitor, Inner City Salford is surprisingly green, with small parks, green open spaces and tree lined pedestrian routes and streets (Greenspace accounts for 55.7% of total area). Viewed from one of Salford’s many tower blocks the various shades of green create a patchwork garden stretching for miles.

Mind in Salford and Social adventures have set the goal of creating a self-sufficient wellbeing garden centre, Garden Needs, in Salford to help people to really see, understand, contribute to and enjoy the patchwork garden that covers this great city.

Both organisations are committed to improving the wellbeing of Salford residents. The links between horticulture and mental health are well known, so when the opportunity to take over Garden Needs emerged in 2009, both were eager to invest time and resource in to the creation of a wellbeing garden centre. In 2010 we were successfully awarded Eco Mind funding to support the development of the garden centre and training programme and at the end of 2010 we secured a 10 year lease for the garden centre from the Church Commission.

With funding support from EcoMinds and Supporting Change/Impact Garden Needs has run a successful volunteering programme for almost 3 years.  in April 2013 the partners established Garden Needs as a Community Interest Company limited by shares.

Garden Needs will open peoples eyes to the awe and wonder of our city, increase environmental awareness and show people how to enjoy nature. Over the past 50 years Garden Needs has witnessed the magic of growing and how it can enrich and change lives.