Our World

To reduce environmental impact and introduce steps to make positive environmental contributions to our local area.

Garden Needs is in a perfect place to demonstrate, teach and support people to reduce their environmental impact.

Garden Needs will:

  • Collect and re-use rainwater
  • Grow plants within an organic growing system and demonstrate companion planting in the planting schemes
  • Only use and sell peat free compost
  • Generate its own compost and leaf mold from waste materials on the garden centre
  • Grow as many plants as possible at the garden centre to minimise transportation
  • Install wood burning stoves to provide a sustainable source of heat in the winter
  • Support and encourage bio-diversity at the garden centre through planting schemes and maintaining natural habitats
  • Identify and purchase products with the least environmental/social impact
  • Put up signage to promote all of these measures to all visitors.