Mental Health & Horticulture Project

Our Mental Health and Horticulture project offers a friendly and non-clinical approach for Salford people who are struggling with their mental health, want to improve their mental health and want to engage in activity that helps them maintain good mental health.

We have found the combining nature, outdoor activity and peer to peer support leads to positive results in maintaining and improving mental health.

Every time someone new walks through the gates at Garden Needs they comment on the calming effect it brings and on how peaceful the site is despite being so close to Manchester City Centre.

Based at Salford M7, the site is just 2.5 miles away from Salford precinct, 30 minutes on one bus (and we cover public transport expenses).

When is the mental health and horticulture project open?

Every Tuesday 10am – 3pm

Every Wednesday 10am – 3pm

Drop in anytime within these hours

Lunch included

Contact us to find out more

Nervous about coming along for the first time?

Let us know when you’re coming and we will plan around you – giving you the space you need to feel comfortable.

We are a big site with lots os space, so if you want to work alone or 121 to start with that’s absolutely fine!

To find out about any of the mental health and horticulture services please call 0161 710 1075 or email

What sort of activity do you do?

We are largely led by the seasons! In summer there’s lots of watering, weeding and harvesting to be done. In Spring there’s lots of planting and planning. There’s still lots to be harvested in Autumn and there’s loads of garden maintenance work in Winter.

We also help maintain our local woodland by helping the local rangers by learning about invasive species and helping to clear these whenever we can.

We have our own minibus and one of the projects we enjoy doing is getting out and helping to do the gardening at some of our local care homes.

We also put on regular activities including woodland wellbeing walks, outdoor mindfulness, foraging and outdoor crafts.

We also have our own bees and a bee keeper who is happy to teach anyone who wants to learn more about our bees.

Common Questions

What happens when it rains?

We have our own heated wellbeing cabin and lots of greenhouse space for indoor growing.

We also enjoy putting up our own shelters and building a cosy campfire.

Who comes to the Garden Needs mental health and horticulture project?

A variety of people of all ages and backgrounds come to the Centre.

Some people come to socialise, make friends and to learn to socialise again in a safe place.

Many find the routine of coming along and getting involved helps them keep their mind healthy.

Some people come as part of their mental health recovery and others come because they are feeling anxious, isolated, lonely or depressed and want to take control of their mental health.

Many find the outdoor centre calming and the activity soothing.

What do people say about Garden Needs?

“I never knew how much I would enjoy working on projects with other people, or how supportive others can be… Mental health has a real stigma…But not at Garden Needs.”

“I wasn’t sure at first, but this place, it’s so calming. Being here, getting involved, it really takes me out of my own head, it’s become part of my routine.”

“I don’t know what I would do without Garden Needs. It’s a safe place with people that understand. Being here calms me down.”

Where is it?

Garden Needs is at M7 4NT. It’s at 1 Radford Street in Salford, just come down the hill and look for the big metal gate on the left, just before the woods.

We are just 2.5 miles away from Salford Precinct, that’s just 30 minutes on one bus (and we cover public transport fees).

Do I need a referral?

No, you can refer yourself on the details below but also any other service can also refer you in.

Everyone that attends the service must be a Salford resident or have a Salford GP.

How can I contact you?

Tel: 0161 710 1075


Is there any research to support the project?

There has been several research papers into the benefits of nature and horticulture on mental health –

Growing Spaces: An evaluation of the Mental Health and Recovery Programme LINK

Grow, Motivate, Succeed LINK